501 Regiment De C

 The Regiments de Chars de Combat (RCC) are in the essence equivalent to those of the Royal Tank Regiment (RTR). They were always on tanks and never on horses. There were twelve RCC in 1939 and up to three after WW2 (501, 503 and 507). In 1990, the two left (501 and 503) were merged into 501/503 RCC (one group of squadrons 501 and one group of squadrons 503). In June 2009, the group of squadrons 503 was disbanded and the Regiment was named 501 RCC. Since June 2014, the CO is Lieutenant-Colonel Mary. The 501 RCC is still based at Mourmelon (betwween Châlons en Champagne and Reims). It is equipped with Leclerc MBT. It takes part to all operations of the French Army worldwide..

Whilst not officialy affiliated to the RTR, the 501/503 RCC was and the 501 RCC is linked to it with a formal Bond of Friendship.

The 501 RCC maintains the traditions of the “Tanks”, as well as those of the Free French Tanks. It is closely linked to the (FDCC), which is the “Fédération des Chars de Combat” Association of the Veterans of the RCCs.