Qui s'y Frotte Association

The idea of the Qui s'y frotte Association (QSFA) was developed during the autumn of 1944. The War Diary records that: "By 8 December 1944 the Battalion had concentrated in Brunssum under 34 Tank Brigade, which now formed the nucleus of 30 Corps reserve.........This was a favourable opportunity to put the finishing touches to the QSFA, which had been formed to give assistance to next-of-kin of members of the regiment killed in action; and the first copies of the Regimental Newsletter were circulated."

The purpose of the Newsletter, of which there were in all three issues, is given at the beginning of the first. It was written when many members of the unit who had come over to Normandy had been wounded and shipped back to the UK. Both parties, those who were still with the 9th and those in the UK, wanted to know how each was going. So the first Newsletter starts:

Dear Old Boy

We are always being asked for news of the Regiment, and what the chaps have been doing, so we have decided to start a regular letter service, which we hope to publish every month for your edification. In return we are always anxious to learn what you are doing, and will include extracts from your letters in our next issue. Tell us about yourself; where you are; whom you've seen; when you are ready to come back; and above all, how's the Old Country.

You will shortly be receiving news of our Qui s'y frotte Association. We want all people who have ever worn the badge to become members. Hon membership is by invitation to all friends of the Regiment. This invitation list is not yet complete - you can complete it for us. So send along all the addresses you know.

Good luck, and here's to a speedy return.

The formal announcement was given in Regimental Part 1 Orders Issue No 34, 6 December 1944.

Qui s'y frotte Association formed

Life members: 2 - 2 - 0
Officers: 1 - 1 - 0
W/Os & Sgts: 10 - 0
Other Ranks: 5 - 0

President: Lt-Col P.N.Veale
Chairman: Major H.P.Massy
Treasurer: Capt G.Eaton
Secretary: Cpl A.Wright

Committee: Capt F.S.Link, Lieut J.L.LeBrun, R.S.M. F.G.White, Sgt Bevan, Cpl Cove, L/Cpl Nunn, Tpr Blamire & Tpr Swainton