Post War

By the end of World War II there were 24 regiments of the RTR and they had seen service in France, Belgium, Holland, Germany, Austria, Italy, Sicily, Malta, Egypt, Libya, Tunisia, Greece, Crete, Algeria, Abyssinia, Sudan, Palestine, Iraq, Persia, Jordan, India and Burma.

Reduced once more to eight regular regiments after the war, the tank has still continued to demonstrate its importance on the modern battlefield, with The Royal Tank Regiment seeing action in Aden, Borneo, Malaya, Egypt, Cyprus, Korea and the Gulf. The Regiment has also had units stationed in Germany, Libya, Hong Kong, England and Northern Ireland.

After World War II, the RTR was reduced through various amalgamations, first in 1959-60:

  • 3RTR and 6RTR amalgamated as 3RTR
  • 4RTR and 7RTR amalgamated as 4RTR
  • 5RTR and 8RTR amalgamated as 5RTR

In 1969, 5RTR was disbanded, while under Options for Change, 4RTR amalgamated with 1RTR, and 3RTR with 2RTR in 1992

However, as the Gulf War yet again illustrated most clearly, it is the quality, bravery and high degree of expertise of the tank crews which was, and still is, the real battle winner. Throughout the tank's history the most important element has been the crewmen, who together make up this close knit team of professionals.

The value of the tank was reinforced again as late as the Summer of 1999 as tanks from a variety of units, led by RTR officers, spearheaded the allied entry into Kosovo as part of the Fourth Armoured Brigade.

The Royal Tank Regiment has continued to see action,  Elements of 1RTR were deployed to Afghanistan in 2002 and both regiments were involved in the invasion of Iraq, with the 2RTR battlegroup playing an important role in the capture of the city of Basra. Squadrons of both Regiments deployed in Afghanistan and Iraq carrying out both Armoured and Infantry tasking. The last tour of Afghanistan was completed in 2013 by 2 RTR.

 1 RTR amalgamated with 2 RTR to form the RTR in 2014.

The RTR is stationed in Aliwal Barracks, Tidworth as a Type 56 Armoured Regiment equipped with Challenger 2, part of the Army's Reaction Force.

The Royal Tank Regiment uses a variety of vehicles, including:

Men of The Royal Tank Regiment marching past the Cenotaph in Whitehall
Challenger II - Post War