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The Hodson's Horse Trophy

12 December 2013

 1 RTR and 2 RTR have again won 1st and 2nd positions respectively in the annual HCav & RAC Sports Week competition called ‘The Hodson’s Horse Trophy’. The competition is held at Bovington in the following categories: 5-a-side football; hockey; orienteering; rugby league; rugby union; squash; and cross-country. The following Regts (with their overall positions) took part: HCR (8th); SCOTS DG (10th); RDG (3rd); QRH (9th); 9/12L (6th); KRH (4th); LD (7th); QRL (5th); 1 RTR (1st); 2 RTR (2nd). The RTR detailed results were:
  • 1 RTR: 1st - hockey & x-country; 2nd - football, rugby union & squash; 3rd - orienteering, & rugby league. Total 40 points.
  • 2 RTR: 1st - squash; 2nd - orienteering & rugby league; 3rd - hockey; 4th - football; 5th - x-country; 6th - rugby union. Total 31 points.
A great result for both Regiments. Fear Naught.
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