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An Update from the TMYS Chairman

24 August 2011

An update from the TMYS Chairman


To all interested persons or parties;


Ever since the provision of the only dedicated Great War Tank Memorial inaugurated in Belgium in 2009, the Memorial and it's message of commemoration and remembrance has reached out to the far corners of the globe. It is a fine memorial and it does exactly what it was designed for.


The TMYS is a most simple memorial. It exists solely to commemorate and remember the 243 fallen Tank Corps soldiers who fought and fell, or who died of wounds in Belgium, primarily within the Ypres Salient boundaries.


This has only been possible due to the Memorial having the great benefit of a most dedicated working committee and it's accompanying " Friends of the TMYS " organisation, along with great support from our Honorary President Lt General (Ret) David Leakey CMG CBE, RTR/RHQ, the Regiment itself and of course, the British Ambassador and his staff in Brussels. Without them, either by preparation or by execution of the memorials unique ceremonies, assisted by donations and funds received via the "friends"; the unique ceremonies and TMYS tank action battlefield tours would simply not be possible.


So after yet another successful annual TMYS ceremony and weekend of TMYS tank action battlefield tours I thank you! I thank all of you and I look forward to next years TMYS ceremonies and weekend of tank action battlefield tours.


Next year over the week end of Saturday and Sunday 18th - 19th August 2012, the TMYS will commemorate and remember the Maison du Hibou and Cockcroft tank actions.

A dedicated TMYS tour to commemorate the above will be offered on the Saturday afternoon. TMYS Committee member and historian, Chris Lock will be the guide for this tour and then on Sunday morning as previously requested, a dedicated TMYS

Capt Robertson VC ( 1st VC to the Tank Corps ) tour will again be offered on behalf of all attending RTR/RTRA personnel. Myself in my capacity of former RTR tank crewmen, TMYS Chairman and professional battlefield guide today will guide this tour.

However, All are also most welcome to attend this special by request tour likewise.


Please also allow me to remind you that the TMYS/FotTMYS annual dinner is currently being arranged. Full details will be released and applied to the TMYS web site asap once known.


May I also bring to your attention that we have the 2014 -2018 Great War commemorations approaching. During a recent committee meeting, Alderman and TMYS Committee member Lieven Vanbelleghem, proposed we deliver a ceremony that rather than commemorate a single date and area action as per the normal TMYS annual ceremonies, we deliver a ceremony and events tour which would represent the entire salient Tank Corps actions. This immediately drew widespread support from the committee and we do have time to produce such a package. This along with any accompanying RTR/RTRA arranged ceremony or event should produce something special that will represent every single fallen tank soldier, wherever or whenever he fell.

Last but not least; I wish you all well and I look forward to seeing all of you again and likewise, I look forward to meeting new friends and new members dedicated to ensuring that this one and only tank memorial in Belgium, continues to commemorate and remember the men listed within the Memorials Register Book.


Please see the below TMYS dedicated web site for more information. Thank you.


Fear Naught


Mr Chris Lock

Honorary Chairman

Tank Memorial Ypres Salient

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