13th Lancers

Early History & Titles

The 13th Lancers was raised in November 1817 at Berah as 31st DCO Lancers. This regiment amalgamated in 1923 with the 32nd Lancers which had also been raised in 1817 and the new regiment was designated 13th DCO Lancers. This latter title was continued until Independence in 1947 at which time the regiment transferred to Pakistan and it ceased regarding itself as the "Duke of Connaught's Own".

The regiment received orders in April 1938 to mechanise at Sialkot. It received Morris Trucks initially and thereafter Armoured Cars Mark II and Light Tanks Mark VI. Being the first to convert to armour, the 13th Lancers has the distinction of being the senior Armoured Regiment in both Pakistan and India.

Battle Honours

The following Battle Honours have been awarded:

Pre World War 1

1839 - "Ghunzee and Afghanistan"
1848 - "Mooltan and Punjab"
1860 - "Central India"
1860 - "Gawaliar"
1879-80 - "Afghanistan"
1885-87 - "Burma"
1896 - "Sudan"

World War 1

1917 - "Kut-Al-Amara"
1916-18 - "Baghdad" - "Sharqat"
"N.W. Frontier India"

World War 2

1941 - "Syrian Campaign" - "Deir-Ez-Zor"
"Raqqa" - "Djerablous"
1941 - "Persia" - "Qasr Sheikh"
1942 - "Libya" and "Egypt"
1945 - "Malaya and Java"

Regimental Day

The regiment celebrates 13 September annually to commemorate its action in Kashmir during the Indo-Pakistan War.

The Alliance

Her Majesty's approval to the alliance was promulgated in Ministry of Defence letter A/0189/59/PS12b (Army) dated 11 November 1966 and the alliance was marked by the exchange of presentations between our 2 regiments. The 13th Lancers Gunnery Shield dates from this exchange and is awarded annually by the Colonels Commandant.